How do You Float a 600 Pumpkin Art Installation?

Our 600 Floating Pumpkin Art Installation

Diesel Displays Art Installation
A Diesel Displays designed art installation.

An Autumn Display for Dallas Park & Recreation

Dallas Parks and Recreation asked us to solve this question. To kick off the holiday season and brighten up the city employee’s day it seemed like a great idea for an art installation but who do you call for aquatic gourds? Diesel Displays accepted the challenge and got our feet wet, literally. All six hundred pumpkins and 1,200 accompanying leaves were placed in the fountain in less than three hours (see our time lapse below). We accomplished this with a bit of ingenuity and a small, but dedicated crew from Diesel Displays. All this work is to celebrate the autumn season and upcoming city events – like The Booville Bash Carnival and Movie on Saturday, October, 24.

The City of Dallas is home to many forward-thinking art installations, such as Joule Hotel’s 30ft. tall Eye, Deep Ellum’s Traveling Man Robot, and now our addition to Dallas City Hall’s Reflection Pool! The sea of orange has been a great success and our client has been floating new ideas about what comes next (the winter holidays are just around the corner).

But please, sound-off in the comments, what kind of art installation would you like to see next?

The Art Installation

Dallas Art Installation
Diesel Display trucks pull into City Hall Plaza for the install. All that we create is ‘Made in the USA’.


Diesel Displays Art Installation
Our team hitting the pavement and getting to work.


Diesel Display Art Installation
Pictured on the right is our Vice President of Production Jack Smith working alongside his team.


Diesel Displays Art Installation
Our guys being knee-high in pumpkin problems.


Diesel Displays Art Installation
In addition we also created a few photo booths for the city!


Diesel Display Art Installation
Pictured is Brent Ashton, the owner and president of Diesel Displays, standing over the final product.

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