Paper or Plastic?

A Question of Durability

This is not only a valid question at the grocery store but also one that should be asked when conceptualizing your next merchandising display. One of the key factors to determine materials for your display is how long does it needs to last? As a general rule of thumb I consider corrugate a good solution for a 3 to 6 month lifespan. Anything beyond that more durable materials should be considered. Corrugate displays do the job temporarily but tend to show their age fairly quick. They can be damaged relatively easily by customer traffic and cleaning.

The display pictured above was developed for Samsung through our partnership with Stephen Gould. These merchandising units are shipped to retailers across the country. Initially produced out of corrugate they were replaced multiple times. Diesel Displays developed a new semi-permanent option constructed with heat formed PVC and a metal base extending the lifespan to years versus months. The increased initial cost is saved the first time you do not have to ship out a replacement corrugate display 6 months down the road. An updatable header graphic allows you to refresh the display inexpensively. My display loving heart aches a little every time I see a display put together incorrectly at a store. Being in the business I know how much time, energy and money goes in to the development of a retail display. This display shipped mostly assembled only the metal base needed to be attached by the retailer reducing compliance issues. Another benefit to a semi-permanent display is the increased perceived value which helps to ensure your brand and display will remain at the forefront in the store and not in the recycling bin. We’d love the opportunity to help you make your brand more permanent in retail stores!

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