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No matter your brand, when you have a product launch you want it done right. The goal when unveiling a new product is to create a memorable experience for consumers; to make a statement. There’s a number of ways to achieve this. Some are expensive and others risky. Many, however, are never truly original. This is where it pays to get creative.

When Fossil (the licensor for Michael Kors watches) approached Diesel Displays, they wanted a unique display for their latest product launch: The Michael Kors’ Access. This smart watch comes with all the bells and whistles of the modern smart watch while keeping the luxury brand’s classic sensibilities. In addition to creating a display for the product launch, Fossil wanted something to be showcased at New York City’s Market Week.

Throughout the year, the fashion industry works with trade shows, department stores, designers, and companies to showcase their latest and greatest products. This display would be shown during the week where fashion accessories are highlighted. Fossil wanted to make a statement for the Access‘ launch and Market Week. We had one big idea of how to do that.

“Go Big or Go Home”

Diesel Displays Product Launch

Michael Kors Fossil Retail Display

Michael Kors Fossil Retail Display

Building the Display for Product Launch

When developing any good display concept, a designer must ask a few questions. What story does the display tell? Who is it telling it to? What’s the best way to engage the consumer? Working with Fossil to answer these questions we found that we wanted the display to be a unique preview of the Access itself – albeit a scaled up version.

Fossil Michael Kors Retail Display

The Watch

To showcase the MK Access design we created a 6′ tall display. This display is comprised of 3D printed materials, face clear acrylic, projection film, and sits upon a 3′ MDF pedestal with mirrored acrylic and gloss white laminate. We even gave the watch a unique, chrome powder-coating to give a real gold appearance. The end result is a watch and pedestal we’re proud of. The tech we incorporated into it however, brings the display to the next level.

 diesel displays product launch

The Technology

Presenting the features of the Access required some clever engineering. Fossil wanted the watch “face” to show the capabilities of the watch. We accomplished this by installing a projector with a looping video within the watch pedestal. The video then projected the Access’ display onto the watch face. To achieve this we had to consider many variables for the projector – angle, keystone, throw-distance, etc. Another problem was the prototype had to be durable. Fossil wanted to be able move the display from location to location. This meant whatever electronic devices we placed inside couldn’t be fragile or it had to be accessible to package separately. We opted for the latter. In the end, Diesel Displays was able to solve both problems pretty nicely.

Fossil Michael Kors Retail Display

The Result

As with any display, we had lots of careful consideration to take. Diesel Displays prides itself on taking on challenging and creative displays – the Michael Kors Access proved to be both at times. The final product though is a beauty. We balanced materials, tech and creativity all in one to give Fossil a unique display; a display worthy of a big product launch and NYC Market Week.

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