Made in the USA – 5 Reasons We Need More of It

‘Made in the USA’ Makes the U.S. Stronger

The old rule of outsourcing labor has become a backwards way of thinking. Technology has shown us it’s worth the time to invest in finely made products and to provide high-quality services. The modern American business person understands this. They understand investing in quality can be greater than the convenience of saving pennies. They understand that stamping your name on better made products is good for both consumers  – and good for business. Check out these 5 reasons that the ‘Made in the USA’ mentality creates a better America.


1. The ‘Made in the USA’ Mentality Drives Entrepreneurship. This notion is found in the stories we tell. People love to meet local entrepreneurs who start their own businesses, who create products with their own hands. We enjoy hearing how it was done and their journey to success. It’s inspiring. ‘Made in the USA’ is very much the American promise that if you want something bad enough, you can work hard and make it happen.

Made in the USA

2. Buying American Products Promotes Safer Work Conditions. Historically, America was one of the fore bearers of the ‘safe’ work environment. Many industrialized countries had unsafe and unethical practices in manufacturing – something many Americans began to work against. President Richard Nixon created the Occupational Safety and Health Organization, or OSHA, in the 1970’s. OSHA addressed hazardous workplace conditions in favor of creating safe ones. Nearly 50 years later we are still among the safest in the world, a trend that would surely grow with a stronger domestic work force.

Made in the USA

3. Quality Matters to Us. For the past few decades consumers have grown accustomed to buying cheaply made products. Doing this saves money and is convenient. The quality however is hit-or-miss. Today, the digital age has solved the quality vs. price problem. Low-quality products can be avoided using user reviews and the ease of sharing experiences online. New technologies also insure better quality and the best price. The modern consumer is able to afford couches with real leather or dine at sushi restaurants with real crab. The attitude has shifted and people want better bang for their buck.

Made in the USA

4. Shipping Domestically Saves the Environment.  Imagine if we could cut down emissions. Two to three percent of it to be precise. That’s how much of emission pollution the shipping industry creates on a yearly basis. Even with new technology, emission rates are still having a profound impact on the environment. Sadly, the shipping industry is looking to increase it’s volume and rate of shipping. Example: a 18,000 container mega ship will be departing from San Francisco for China this month. This ship is the largest to dock in America. Ever. The mega-ship Benjamin Franklin is “larger than an aircraft carrier and three times the size of the biggest World War II battleship.” America’s ability to dock this monster gives the nod towards more mega-ships to come our way. This can equate to more pollution and possibly another Rena Oil Spill. Let’s do less importing and create more for ourselves here at home.

Made in the USA

5. Americans Like Buying American.

In recent years America has had an uneven economical climate. We’ve gone through some relative peaks and historical lows. That’s why when you see ‘Made in the USA’ it’s a morale boost of sorts. Nostalgic Americans miss the days when we did everything ourselves.  It evokes the imagery of the ‘American Dream’ where you’re free to make a life for yourself by any means. In recent years the growing trend of ‘locally sourced’ foods and goods is on the rise. It’s exciting to go to a restaurant and know your food was grown down the street and the table you’re sitting at was made around the block. On a personal level, people like shaking hands with the people responsible for those goods. It puts a face to the product and let’s you know that your money is supporting someone’s dream or livelihood. Buying from your “neighbor” keeps the money flow here in the U.S. This improves our economy and provides jobs. This drives technology for better quality. This gives opportunities for competitive industries to strive for better. We as citizens naturally want to help one another and strengthen our economic growth. We might not know it but we like buying American.



As a ‘Made in the USA’ company, Diesel Displays is proud to assemble and build everything we manufacture here in the United States. We do our best to exemplify these five practices: keeping the entrepreneurial spirit, safety in the work place, making quality retail fixtures, being environmentally responsible and promoting America by buying American.

In the end we all want ‘better.’ The ‘Made in the USA’ way of thinking is just that – it’s the better way.

Diesel Displays | A Made in the USA Company

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