Globalshop Conference: 5 Things We Loved

In our industry we tend to take on challenges.  How do we figure our production turnaround time? Can we balance quality and quantity with this budget? Are we putting, creatively, our best foot forward? For most of us in manufacturing we have to stay on top of emerging technologies, trending designs and industry-best-practices to answer these questions. However, there’s an amazing resource to sooth our troubles: Globalshop Show and Conference.

Once a year Globalshop hosts a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada “for retail design and shopper marketing featuring the industry’s most comprehensive array of store fixturing companies and in-store solutions.”

Here, the top-dogs in the retail manufacturing and marketing industry gather to share concepts, ideas, and new innovations. This event allows an attendant to keep a pulse on what’s going on and what to expect in the near future. Some of the Diesel Displays crew attended last month. And what we saw got us EXCITED.


What we loved at Globalshop

  1. The Brands – Hundreds of household names descended upon Las Vegas for GlobalShop. Everyone from 20th Century Fox to Gamestop and Victoria Secret were there to share and get inspired. Seeing this mesh of brands under one roof unveiled the common ground we share – a passion for marketing and design.
  2. The Design Firms – Many of the industry’s biggest names came out to showcase their work. Walking around the floor was a special experience for us as we were educated and inspired by our brethern, the “competition.”
  3. Outstanding Merchandising Awards (OMA) – This awards innovation and effectiveness in the best displays of the year. Each presented were attractive and had interesting features/functions. Diesel Displays has also been a recipient of the award in the past in the Personal and Electronics Software category. It was great to be back and watch such a prestigious award ceremony that’s been around since 1958.
  4. The Globalshop Product Design Competition – “honors manufacturers and designers for advancements in innovation, function, and aesthetics in product design for the retail industry and is open to exhibitors at Globalshop 2016.” While many categories were covered we particularly liked mannequins and lighting. We hope to utilize more of both in the future.
  5. The Conference – Here we learned from a number of guest speakers about upcoming trends and how to better gain engagement through displays. Understanding the consumer is key to driving the innovation and creativity behind the displays we create.

All-in-all, Diesel Displays walked away with new know-how and inspiration to last us until next GlobalShop. It’s important to stay humble and educated but EXCITING to be creative and have solutions. We’re grateful for the 2016 GlobalShop experience!


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