Working with the Community

Diesel Displays made a BIG move nearly a year ago. We switched office and production locations from Addison, Texas down the road to Carrollton, Texas. This was significant in that we doubled the size of our workspace. Since that time we’ve been able to get to know our new home. Carrollton is a booming suburb just north of Dallas, founded in 1842. There are sprawling parks, big name corporations like Halliburton and McKesson, and award winning schools. Carrollton is also centrally located around many of the major freeways of the metroplex. Since moving in we’ve grown to call Carrollton home. This community has been good to us and last week we got the chance to give something back.


Diesel Displays
Pastor Chris Kang

Community Aide and Staying Green

Pastor Chris Kang was in need of a bit of help. One of his fellow pastors needed cardboard for their children’s summer program. A lot of cardboard. The children’s vacation bible school regularly puts on plays for the church. Chris’ church, Crystal Church, uses the cardboard for props, signage, and backdrops. So Chris started his hunt. He was even prepared to drive around the back ends of stores and warehouses, collecting what he could. Diesel Displays caught word of his needs and contacted him.

Diesel Displays

As a true manufacturer, we have our own Packsize machine for packaging and shipping. Of course there’s a bit of excess material that ends up on the production floor to be recycled. And while recycling is good, repurposing is better.

We met with Chris and after chatting for awhile loaded a pallet worth of cardboard from our recycling bins. Chris was grateful and even bought our driver lunch for the special delivery. We told Chris he’s welcome to ask for any cardboard he may need in the future. Diesel Displays was honored to help Crystal Church even in such a small way. All-in-all it was great to be able to give back to the community.

Diesel Displays takes a green initiative with all our materials. However, we’d rather give back to the community when we can and enjoy working with others. No matter the religion, organization, or individual – it’s a privilege to lend a helping hand to our neighbors.

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