Paper or Plastic?

A Question of Durability This is not only a valid question at the grocery store but also one that should be asked when conceptualizing your next merchandising display. One of the key factors to determine materials for your display is how long does it needs to last? As a general rule of thumb I consider corrugate a good solution for a 3 to 6 month lifespan. Anything beyond that more durable materials should be considered. Corrugate displays do the jobRead more

[ VR ] Virtual Reality: a Marketing Tool

As marketers we have SO many tools at our disposal. From digital ad campaigns, to tv commercials, billboards, and email newsletters – consumers are surrounded by advertisements that entice them into a service or purchasing a product. Your job, dear marketer, is to communicate that your service or product is superior to the competition. It’s bigger and better. It’s sexy and cutting edge. This product is the only option out there. Your job is to highlight your product to show that it will enhance the consumer’s life.Read more

Manufacturing: The Three Keys to Success

Satisfying supply and demand is a peculiar balance. Often, manufacturers are bogged down with the managing of equipment, personnel, logistics, and vendors. To help reign in these issues companies need to remember the three keys of manufacturing success: time, cost, and quality. Many believe you can only pick two of the three on any given project. Striking a balance in this magic triangle can lead to the success or failure of any good manufacturer. TIME – Create More of it Time is perhapsRead more

Globalshop Conference: 5 Things We Loved

In our industry we tend to take on challenges.  How do we figure our production turnaround time? Can we balance quality and quantity with this budget? Are we putting, creatively, our best foot forward? For most of us in manufacturing we have to stay on top of emerging technologies, trending designs and industry-best-practices to answer these questions. However, there’s an amazing resource to sooth our troubles: Globalshop Show and Conference. Once a year Globalshop hosts a conference in Las Vegas, NevadaRead more

Visual Merchandising: The Art of Appeal

vis·u·al_mer·chan·dis·ing “The use and manipulation of attractive sales displays and retail floor plans to engage customers and boost sales activity. In visual merchandising, the products being sold are typically displayed in such as way as to attract consumers from the intended market by drawing attention to the product’s best features and benefits.” ( Visual Merchandising is a marketing tactic we often experience but rarely takes hold in our conscious. To take a look into visual merchandising is to delve into the science andRead more

Moments – Diesel Displays Creates a Buzz

Spontaneous moments can’t be manufactured. They can however be wildly successful with the right ingredients. Diesel Displays has been the source for generating social media buzz in Texas for years now. We provide the opportunities for your #moments. Creating a Buzz through Moments Heading in to it’s third year The City of Dallas continues the ‘BIG Things Happen Here‘ marketing campaign. Over 75 variations of the BIG letters have popped up around the city to celebrate all things Dallas. Residents, tourists,Read more

Made in the USA – 5 Reasons We Need More of It

‘Made in the USA’ Makes the U.S. Stronger The old rule of outsourcing labor has become a backwards way of thinking. Technology has shown us it’s worth the time to invest in finely made products and to provide high-quality services. The modern American business person understands this. They understand investing in quality can be greater than the convenience of saving pennies. They understand that stamping your name on better made products is good for both consumers  – and good for business. Check out these 5 reasons thatRead more

10 Quick Tips for New Display Ideas

10 QUICK TIPS FOR NEW DISPLAY IDEAS Ten simple addons that will elevate your display to the next level.   SOUND If it clicks, talks, crunches or plays three bars of Wild Thing, motion activated sound makes the most zoned out customer look.   LIGHTS In a sea of products washed in flat florescent lighting a little pop of light goes a long way. Ever watched a cat with a laser light?   MOTION Moving objects and images have captured our attention since birth. TechnologyRead more