Foam Letter Displays: Got Something Big to Say? Yell it!

Diesel Displays knows how to make a BIG impression with your message. For years now we have helped our clients promote events and social media campaigns with our oversized foam letter displays. Dallas Loves Foam Letter Displays If you live or have visited the Dallas area in the last few years you have more than likely already seen one of our most successful campaigns. Through our partnership with TracyLockewe have helped promote #DallasBIG for the Dallas Visitors Bureau. Our B&G photo opp displays can be foundRead more

Corporate Headquarters Remodel

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of great projects over the years. Every project is unique and offers its own set of challenges. One of my favorite projects was a recent corporate remodel of Legal Shield’s home office in Ada, Oklahoma. This project was fairly extensive and touched on pretty much every capability Diesel Displays has to offer. We were challenged to create a more interesting tour experience for the thousands of associates and employees that tour the facility annually asRead more

Paper or Plastic?

A Question of Durability This is not only a valid question at the grocery store but also one that should be asked when conceptualizing your next merchandising display. One of the key factors to determine materials for your display is how long does it needs to last? As a general rule of thumb I consider corrugate a good solution for a 3 to 6 month lifespan. Anything beyond that more durable materials should be considered. Corrugate displays do the jobRead more

Treehouse: Building a Sustainable Living

Diesel Displays partnered with Treehouse to bring the design of their customer service areas to life. In bringing these ideas to life, we were not only asked to work within all of our capabilities, but to also try out some new materials. My favorite was the Inhabit Living wall flats used for the Paint Desk inside of the Paint Studio. The flats create a wonderful texture and depth to the paint desk, making it one of my favorite pieces we completedRead more

Time to Catch Some Eyes

No matter your brand, when you have a product launch you want it done right. The goal when unveiling a new product is to create a memorable experience for consumers; to make a statement. There’s a number of ways to achieve this. Some are expensive and others risky. Many, however, are never truly original. This is where it pays to get creative. When Fossil (the licensor for Michael Kors watches) approached Diesel Displays, they wanted a unique display for their latest product launch: The Michael Kors’ Access. ThisRead more

Creating Community Art-Installations

Many individuals have an affection for the place they call home. And if home is where the heart is then the community is the blood that pumps it. Our collective “home” is our identity. It is this foundation of experiences and people that form who we are. As designers, creatives, and even simply as human beings we, at Diesel Displays, understand this. We too have a pride for where we call home – Dallas. When developing the Dallas Big installations youRead more

August Contest: Win a Custom Canvas

August Contest: Follow Industry News and Updates – Get a Custom Canvas Enter this month’s contest to win a free custom canvas with a print of your choice from Thinkstock! Simply contact with your email information and be entered to win. Our monthly newsletter, the Diesel Download, updates you on the latest developments at Diesel Displays and industry news. Contest ends on Labor Day, September 5th. Enter now!Read more

[ VR ] Virtual Reality: a Marketing Tool

As marketers we have SO many tools at our disposal. From digital ad campaigns, to tv commercials, billboards, and email newsletters – consumers are surrounded by advertisements that entice them into a service or purchasing a product. Your job, dear marketer, is to communicate that your service or product is superior to the competition. It’s bigger and better. It’s sexy and cutting edge. This product is the only option out there. Your job is to highlight your product to show that it will enhance the consumer’s life.Read more

Coaster + Flask Giveaway Winner!

For the last month and a half we ran our first contest giveaway. The prize? A custom coaster set and flask made by Diesel Displays. Both giveaway items signify our commitment to quality and keeping our production domestic. We are proud to manufacture here in Texas and the United States of America. You had one of three options to enter the contest: ‘Like’ our Facebook Page Check-in with us on Facebook Share our post announcing the contest on Facebook The set ofRead more

Working with the Community

Diesel Displays made a BIG move nearly a year ago. We switched office and production locations from Addison, Texas down the road to Carrollton, Texas. This was significant in that we doubled the size of our workspace. Since that time we’ve been able to get to know our new home. Carrollton is a booming suburb just north of Dallas, founded in 1842. There are sprawling parks, big name corporations like Halliburton and McKesson, and award winning schools. Carrollton is also centrally locatedRead more

Manufacturing: The Three Keys to Success

Satisfying supply and demand is a peculiar balance. Often, manufacturers are bogged down with the managing of equipment, personnel, logistics, and vendors. To help reign in these issues companies need to remember the three keys of manufacturing success: time, cost, and quality. Many believe you can only pick two of the three on any given project. Striking a balance in this magic triangle can lead to the success or failure of any good manufacturer. TIME – Create More of it Time is perhapsRead more

Globalshop Conference: 5 Things We Loved

In our industry we tend to take on challenges.  How do we figure our production turnaround time? Can we balance quality and quantity with this budget? Are we putting, creatively, our best foot forward? For most of us in manufacturing we have to stay on top of emerging technologies, trending designs and industry-best-practices to answer these questions. However, there’s an amazing resource to sooth our troubles: Globalshop Show and Conference. Once a year Globalshop hosts a conference in Las Vegas, NevadaRead more